Zevi Reinitz
Product Marketing <dot> FYI

Product Marketing <dot> FYI

Welcome 👋

I'm Head of Product Marketing at an up-and-coming DevTools startup called Livecycle.

I'm putting together a collection of content that I wish I had access to 6 months ago when I started developing my GTM strategy.

The blog is just getting started (as you can probably tell), but there's a lot of content in the pipeline coming soon. It'll fall into three categories (represented by the three tabs in the nav bar):

1. What I've tried - I'm experimenting with a lot of stuff to do with GTM, PLG, B2D, B2B, and general growth, marketing and product tactics. Some of it's worked well. Some of it's worked less well. I'll be discussing that here

2. What I use - This is a running collection of tools and resources that I'll be maintaining. Some of it PMM-centric. Some of it random. All of it useful (to me, at least)

3. What I think - This is a collection of reflections on marketing, startups, career, and life in general. You can take it or leave it. It's just my $0.02.

My aim is to keep up with no-frills, relevant, actionable content. It might come across as rough around the edges at times - but that's cool. The best things in life aren't perfect 🙂.

Hope you find some value here.

And feel free to reach out if you'd like to connect.